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In recent years there has been much more focus on product safety and product documentation.

The legal requirements are constantly changing and developing, and the authorities, unfortunately, still find products every day that are illegal or contain large quantities of harmful substances.


The Trade Association for Promotional Items has accepted the consequences. It has established a code of ethics which, among other things, commits Baxx Promotion, as a member, to comply with all relevant legislation, and also provides a platform for providing help and professional assistance obtaining and verifying all product documentation.


Baxx Promotion has decided to go one step further, and in the spring of 2015 implemented a number of new control systems. This means that we are one the first in the industry to achieve ISO certification for both environmental management (14001) and quality management (9001). The focal point of our ISO certification is product compliance: both concerning environment, quality, legislation and CSR.

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For customers, this may mean:

  • That we ask more questions about the product and the target group than usual.
  • That we may need a little longer to find the right product for you, because we need to be sure that the product is legal and safe.
  • That it may be possible to find a similar product at a lower price, but with no guarantee of legality and safety.


But we do it for our all sakes.

We will not risk a sports bag with your logo being found to contain prohibited azo compounds or too much cadmium.

We cannot and will not risk the health of you or your customers, because a water bottle or lunch box emits harmful substances.



Our ISO system is built/centred on product compliance and responsible production.

Which for you, means: LEGAL PRODUCTS!

  • We are experts on product legislation within promotional articles and Christmas gifts
  • We know about chemicals and testing!
  • Our employees are competent and quality-conscious




  • Environmentally-conscious product development with a long product life cycle (consideration of disposal of materials, recycling, retaining value)
  • We use recycled material wherever possible
  • Certainty of legal and safe products

Sleep well at night


  • We document and ensure that your products are made under proper environmental and working conditions
  • Systematic auditing of factories, for both environmental quality and social compliance
  • Significant presence in the factories through our own, ISO-certified, office in China

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