The most significant environmental impact of our industry are due to the production and transportation of products, the use of the products and eventually the dispose of the products.

As a member of the Trade Association for Promotional Items, we therefore undertake:

  • To request, and as much as possible, obtain documentation of the chemical substances included in our sales products.
  • To avoid products containing CMR substances, strongly harmful substances, substances classified as environmentally hazardous and Substances of Very High Concern (EU’s REACH candidate list).
  • To use reusable or recyclable materials where possible and legal in relation to requirements for e.g. traceability and hygiene.

  • To try to design products that can be separated into material fractions when they are disposed of as waste. This especially applies to products that contain electrical or electronic parts or parts that can be expected to be disposed of separately.
  • To request, and as much as possible, obtain documentation of suppliers’ environmental conditions – particularly waste management, emissions to land, water and the supplier’s choice of materials.
  • To ensure that our advice to customers on the choice of products, avoids products with a very short life and promotes less polluting solutions and products.
  • To maintain an overview of relevant environmental legislation, keep it updated and ensure that our products and companies are always in compliance.

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